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Lawn care products in Perth

westland turf palmetto products

Palmetto underlay and lawn reviver (30 litre bags)

Specially formulated by leading turf growers specifically for WA soil conditions. Ideal for pre-plant or top-dressing, this product acts as a slow release source of nutrients and organic matter, saving water and fertilisers. It supplies essential trace elements to keep your lawn attractive and green all year round. It will also protect against yellowing and dry patch.

• 1 x 30 litre bag covers 10 metres squared.

westland turf palmetto lawn fertilizer

Palmetto premium lawn fertiliser (10 litre buckets)

A premium, slow release lawn fertiliser formulated especially for WA soils and conditions. For a beautiful, green, healthy lawn, all year round. Suitable for all varieties of lawn. The slow release fertiliser feeds the lawn as it needs to be fed, avoiding surge growth and the need for extra mowing.

• 1 x10 litre bucket covers 450 metres squared.

westland turf turf start

Turf start organic fertiliser (25kg bags)

A slow release, weed-free, composted fertiliser. Spread evenly over the soil surface area before laying new turf. This product helps to build soil structure and retain moisture and important nutrients during establishment.

• 1 x 25 kg bag covers 150 metres squared.

westland turf aquaforce

Aquaforce hose-on (2 litres)

Aquaforce is the wetting agent of choice for most large professional golf courses and playing fields throughout Western Australia. In Australia’s toughest environment, Aquaforce is used to overcome water repellency and to save water. Moisture uptake and retention is enhanced around the root zone, improving plant health and vigour. Aquaforce is environmentally friendly and can continue to work for 12 months.

• 2 litres covers 200 metres squared.

westland turf kleen lawn

Kleen lawn (200ml)

For control of Clover and Broad Leaf weeds in Couch and Kikuyu Lawns (Do not use on Buffalo lawns)

• 200ml covers 135 metres squared.

westland turf buffalo master

Buffalo master (200ml)

For control of Bindi, Clover, Oxalis and other weeds in Buffalo (Velvet, Palmetto and Sapphire) and Couch lawns.

• 200ml covers 300 metres squared.

westland turf bi agra

Bi-Agra hose-on (2 litres)

This is an amazing new water saving technology which helps reduce the water requirement of your lawn by up to 50% over summer! An easy hose-on application means everyone can do it and save both money and the environment at the same time!

• 2 litre bottle treats 150 metres squared

westland turf baythroid

Baythroid (250ml)

A lawn grub and garden insecticide for treating lawn grub (cutworm, army worm, web worm), adult beetle and mole crickets.

• 250 ml covers 315 metres squared.

westland turf lawn care products

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