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Watering schedule to establish a new lawn

Late Spring/Summer (hot weather periods)

  • 0-10 days: Water for 10 minutes (5mm), 3 times a day, in the morning, noon and evening. An extra watering is required if any periods exceed temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius.
  • 11-20 days: Use 10 minutes (5mm) twice a day, morning and noon.
  • 21-60 days: Use 20 minutes (10mm) once per day, in the morning.
  • Over 60 days: Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning.
  • In exceptionally hot weather periods, use 20 minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning. 

Early Spring/Autumn (mild weather periods)

  • 0-10 days: Use 10 minutes (5mm) twice a day, in the morning and at noon.
  • 11-20 days: Use 20 minutes (10mm) once a day, in the morning.
  • 21-60 days: Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning.
  • In exceptionally hot weather periods use 20 minutes (10mm) once per day, in the morning. 

Winter (wet and cool weather periods)

  • 0-7 days: Use 10 minutes (5mm) once every day, in the morning.
  • 8-20 days: Use 10 minutes (5mm) once every second day, in the morning.
  • 21-60 days: Use 10 minutes (5mm) once every third day, in the morning.
  • Please note: If it rains, remember to turn any reticulation systems off! Too much water and not enough sun can rot your grass.
  • If the lawn shows signs of stress (a loss of bright colour and slight wilting) then you need to give it a good deep drink of 10mm of water per day, as soon as possible, until it recovers.

Watering schedule for established lawns (In excess of 60 days old)

  • January/February: 20mm every second day
  • March: 20mm every third day
  • April: 20mm every fourth day
  • May: 20mm every fifth day
  • June/July: No watering
  • August: 20mm once a fortnight
  • September: 20mm every fifth day
  • October: 20mm every fourth day
  • November: 20mm every third day
  • December: 20mm every second day

Always ensure you water early in the morning, usually between 5:00am and 8:00am. If windy when watering then alternate watering is recommended, one day in the morning and one day in the evening, to avoid dry spots.

Please note: For Buffalo lawn varieties in shady areas, cut down watering to once every second day for 10 minutes after the first 10 days or else the grass will rot. Rotting is the result of too much water and not enough sun.

Checking water coverage

In order to know how much water your system is applying, you need to measure its output. Simply place an empty ice cream container on the lawn then turn on the sprinklers and time how long it takes to gather 10mm of water in the bottom of the container. This will give you the correct setting for the duration of watering for that station on your controller. Check different spots to make sure you are getting an even coverage.

Water restrictions

The Water Corporation can advise you of current rules and regulations regarding lawn watering. When establishing a new lawn you can contact the Water Corporation to get a 'new lawn' certificate of exemption from any dominant watering guidelines. To apply, call the Waterwise Helpline on 131 039.

Lawn care and maintenance advice


Grass is a living thing and, just like us, it needs water to survive! Westland Turf always recommends underground-automated reticulation to ensure the needs of your grass are met.


Mow your new lawn lightly within
7-10 days of installation. After this, mow weekly during the summer months and then fortnightly in the winter. Mow the grass longer in periods of extreme heat, in shady conditions, and in late autumn.


We recommend the use of 'Palmetto Premium Lawn Fertiliser', applied at 20 grams per square metre. Use a minimum of 3 times a year during spring, summer and autumn. For best results, use at 8 week intervals.

More information

For more information on turf supplies, watering, rules, regulations and information on any hosepipe bans, please visit the Water Corporation Website: www.watercorporation.com.au

For more advice from the experts in lawn maintenance, call Westland Turf today on 08 9330 8178!

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